The kid

Postman Patīs mailvan

Being very fond of the british tv series, a mailvan were in order. Wooden body
mounted on tube chassis, 1" suspension travel in front, working headlights,
turnsignals, and 12v system prepared for 2 forward speeds plus reverse
Propelled by SAAB 9000 turbo 2speed coolingfan motor, hi gear activated by microswitch on accelerator. Forward and reverse handled by column mounted shifter.

Supercharged gokart

Halfscale gokart made of 19mm round tubing, Honda G200 engine, supercharged in early stages, homemade hubs carrying Bridgestone rubber on magnesium rims, 20mm axle with discbrake on driven wheel and drum brake on other.

Honda minicross

Honda P25 engine mounted in modified Garelli Katia frame, 10 inch wheels and
Monkeybike suspension. Push started, Honda Amigo carb and silencer,
max speed 17 km/h.

Honda minicross-6hp

Current crossbike : 50cc Honda CD50 engine in modified Yamaha
YZ 50 chassis - 6 Hp

Honda Tumbler

Inspired by the Batman Tumbler- bike - well sort of?
A couple of ATV wheels and a (surprise) Honda S65 engine!
Frame tubes bend into shape & welded by Emil.

Osterbro Raceway

1/32 scale slotracing, Maerklin Sprint track suspended from ceiling, 4- lane 15meter track.
Standing lap- record : Jesper 4,44 sec.