The bikes

The bikes

Gilera 50 Touring, somewhat modified by my brother, and later further
modified : 19 inch frontwheel, Paioli fork, adjustable rear shocks, gauge cluster.

Simonini 50 cross, 11 hp, lightweight racer.
Honda XR 75 with Honda TL 125 suspension - used as a stuntbike ! Very red !

Jincheng Monkey.... modified suspension, 10 inch Dax rims on billet centers,
and sticky tires.

V8 custom bike build- up

Many years ago I started gathering parts for a V8 custom bike.
Saved the 200hp Buick/ Rover all- aluminum V8 out of the V8VW- project for
this purpose, but a Swede beat me to it! Rolf Andersson did a perfect
job on his Sidewinder V8- bike and that challenge sort of fainted!!!

But now the V8 bike project is very much alive again, with the purchace of
another all- aluminum V8 engine. A smaller in size 3Litre Quattrovalvole 4- cam
V8, designed by Ferrari - a beautiful piece of engineering sounding fantastic
when it reach its 7000rpm redline.
Really look forward to build that one :o)