Monark of Sweden hired in Göran Henningson as a constructor of their
50cc racer. He and Sven Håkansson(see HM) made a racer based on the
companys moped frame.

"Our first race with The Monark prototype took place at the Falkenberg
track in 71. Last adjustments were made 3 am. at Håkanssons HM- shop in
Helsingborg, and the racetrack 150km away!
The Sachs engine had responded to 15hp after final tests, and I remember
Håkanssons comment: "We should consider ourselves lucky to finish this
race!" After a dog- fight with Leif Rosell, the leading 50cc driver at
the time, he missed the last corner, and we crossed the finish line as
winners. A sensation - in fact Monark had sponsored the 500cc race, but
the real "Monark race" were indeed the 50cc one! After that it was much
easier to get money for the race program!"
Lars Persson 2007

"In the autumn of 1971, two Monark GP racers and four engines were built.
Their race- debut was spring 72 on a very cold Nurburgring Nordschleife
with drivers Lars Persson and Kurt Ivan Carlsson. Both drivers achieved
eight championship points that season. Lars Persson got eleven points
in 73, and the other driver that year, Dutchman Jan Bruins, eight.
Then Monark factory withdrew from racing but wanted a series of
production bikes made, a task taken up by Bengt Lagerblad (see Delta-
section). Monarks can be distinguished from Deltas by the rearward-
facing exhaust".
Göran Henningsson 2009.

And history repeats itself in form of a near perfect replica:
Crafted by Peter Müller (ZM) for the resurrected team of
Lars Persson and Göran Henningsson.