50cc racer Jørgen Nielsen, Haslev, Denmark

Jørgen Nielsens road racing career took of in 1957 and lasted until 1972. In those years he competed in many classes on machines like Excelsior Manxman, Bultaco TSS 125, Matchless G50, Honda CB72 250, Aermacchi Ala d´oro 250, Derbi 50, Yamaha TD2 250, Kreidler 50, Kawasaki A1 250, Bultaco 125 and Maico RS125.

I will of course focus on the 50cc bikes - enjoy the pictures and documents from the personal files of Jørgen Nielsen

A tale of one 1965 Derbi Carreras Cliente:

At the end of May 1965, Jørgen Nielsen of Haslev, Denmark drove towards Mollet del Valles, near Barcelona, to pick up a 50cc production racebike. Upon arrival at the Derbi works, a gate opened
and a mechanic and a youngster appeared pushing the brand new Derbi Carreras Cliente along, but instead of handing it over to Jørgen, they loaded it into the back of a Citroen 2CV van and told
him to follow them. Some miles up the mountain the little racebike was unloaded, brought to life, and after a warm up, the kid testdrove and adjustments were made inbetween.
After this test and tune sceance, both cars returned to the factory where the Derbi changed hands together with a few spares.

Opatija 19/6 1965. First appearance by Jørgen Nielsen and the Derbi.

After a sixth place finish in Opatija Jørgen went on to Ring Knutstorp in Sweden 8/8 1965.

Next race for Jørgen was at RingDjursland where he met Börje Jansson again.

A tale of one Kreidler RennFlorett:

For the 1966 season Jørgen were in for a treat! The danish Kreidler Import had ideas for Jørgen to present the German marque for danish racefans.
Arrangements were made and Jørgen Nielsen could pick-up an ex- GP bike at the Kornwestheim factory.

This works- racebike, probably raced by Hans Georg Anscheidt or Alberto Pagani during the 1963 worldchampionship, was of the 12-speed variety.
That meant that Jørgen had four speed which was operated by foot and three speeds cable- operated by hand via a rotating clutch lever.
Took some getting used to!
Before fetching the RennFlorett, Jørgen Nielsen had enlisted the 29. Internationales ADAC EifelRennen taking place at the Südschleife of Nürburgring:

At the Roskilde Ring racetrack, some 30km west of Copenhagen, Jørgen enlisted the Kreidler in the 250cc races:

10th place at the EiffelRennen and some three weeeks later Jørgen was again seen in Germany at the startline of the Grosser Preis von Deutschland.
The rather small frontbrake was a disapointment - Jørgen enhanced the little braking force available by "shocking" the brakelever, forcing the fork to dive, making the tire rub against the aluminum fairing! Front brake were later to be upgraded.

A ninth place finishing in this world championship- race on a rather outdated Kreidler must be be reckoned as an excellent result!
Next race for Jørgen was at Skofja Loka:

Last race of the 66 season was at Ring Knutstorp i southern Sweden:


First race for Jørgen was at Nurburgring.

And then again the GP of w.Germany at Hockenheim:

Eventually the Derbi was sold of to the van Deutekom/van Kleef Museum in Lexmond: