Belgian 50cc championships

50cc races in Belgium as told by Daniel Pinsart:

In 1960´ies Belgium 50cc races were split into 2 categories :
Juniors(beginners) and Seniors who was allowed to participate
in GP´s. The Brussels Grand Prix was one of the races included
the “European Cup”. Wolfgang Gedlich was the winner in Brussels.
There was also a junior race won by René Régoli who became
Belgian Junior champion this year.
As far as I am concerned the engine of my Itom broked during
the juniors practices and unfortunately I could not participate
in the race! Raymond Hanset riding a Kreidler won the Senior
championship. Hanset stopped several years of Itom “domination”
(Pierre Vervroegen on Itom won several previous championships).
My “real” first race happened in 1962 in Mouscron (little town
close to the French border) where I reached 5th place of +- 25
racers. At this time I was racing on an Itom that was “THE”
50cc racing bike. Here are some of the pictures I own regarding
my races during the sixties:
Daniel Pinsart October 2014.

Pictures from the 1961 Belgian 50cc championship races: